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Storm Damage

We all know that trees are a wonderful gift from nature. It adds to the beauty of your landscape and increases the value of your property. But while trees are beneficial in many ways, they can be hazardous in the face of a storm. Uprooted trees, fallen limbs, and downed power lines are dangerous situations that can take place after an intense storm.

In these circumstances, Pro Tree Service Waukesha is more than willing to offer a prompt response to clear out all wind-related debris. We have made our service available around the clock, so we can run to your service when you need immediate assistance. For many years, we have established our reputation as a fast-acting and efficient emergency tree service that homeowners can go to in their emergencies.

It is easy for homeowners and business owners to panic and get confused because of fallen trees or, worse, downed power lines. Uprooted trees can obstruct traffic and make it difficult for you to access different parts of your home. It is unsafe for you to go around your property with fallen branches lying everywhere. To help eliminate all dangerous situations brought on by damaged trees, we will act as quickly as we can.

There is a way to prevent storm damage to some extent, and that is through early diagnosis. If you suspect your tree to have broken branches, call us right away so we can assess its condition and provide the proper treatment necessary. In many cases, trees touching roofs or being too close to a power line become real problems during bad storms and high winds. Have us trim or remove these trees before a storm hits to stop them from causing property damage and injuries.

Tree Damage Services

If, unfortunately, you have to deal with tree storm damage in the area, get in touch with our skilled and efficient team, and we will provide you with a fast, economical emergency tree removal service. You can clean up small areas in your yard, but please leave the big tasks to the pros. In an emergency like this, especially if it involves power lines, it is too risky to take on the job if you are inexperienced. 

We will use our storm damage protocol the moment you contact us:

  • Our representative will come to your property to assess the storm damage and offer a free estimate of the work to be done.

  • If you accept the price quote, one of our office staff members will send you a written quote via email within an hour or two. 

  • At this point, we will deploy our emergency service team to your house and commence the clearing operations. 

    • We will start by removing all potentially dangerous situations that could result from downed or fallen trees. We will go out of our way to contact authorities for your non-tree-related concerns. 

    • Once we are certain the site is safe, we will go on with removing tree segments and other tree debris. Rest assured that all tree debris and wood chips will be taken care of with the use of our chippers. 
    • After we are done cleaning the area, you will see no proof of storm damage, and it will be restored to its former safety and appearance. 

    Don’t go to just any local tree company in times like this. Use a professional, efficient, insured, and licensed company in Waukesha, WI, to make sure the job is done right.

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