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Pro Tree Service Waukesha LogoWe are the number one tree service company across the Waukesha area. For years we continue to commit ourselves to great customer and tree service to give our clients 100% satisfaction. Our customers go to us for their tree service needs, and we provide them with the best of our abilities. When you are in need of any tree service, whether it is tree trimming, stump grinding or tree removal, you can count on Waukesha Tree Service to offer it to you. Our services are of high standards and quality, yet they are at a very affordable price. Our certified arborists who are trained and skilled when it comes to all areas of tree care will ensure your trees are taken care of properly. With almost 54 years of experience, our company takes pride with all the positive results we have delivered in the area of tree service. We started our business with a passion for trees and customer service, chainsaw and truck. Now, we have enough crews to provide you the tree service you require. Our company started from nothing, and with hard work and dedication, we have gained our clients’ trust. We treat our clients like we do our friends and relatives, and their good is what we have in mind. We are happy that we can provide tree service in the Waukesha area and we will continue to prove ourselves worthy of your trust.

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Customer satisfaction is always our top priority, together with tree care. There are a lot of tree services in Waukesha, but only a few shows genuine concern for their client’s needs. That makes us different from our competitors because we don’t just care for your trees, but your happiness as well. Our values are rooted in the following principles:

  • We will phone you back immediately if you cannot reach us at the moment.
  • We will come on time to your home or office to offer you a fast and free quote. 
  • On the day of the scheduled tree service, we will arrive on time because we value your time.
  • We will not leave your home until we have cleared everything. The only thing that will change is your removed or trimmed tree or a ground stump.
  • We will contact you for feedback because we believe that this is a good way for us to improve our service next time.

Tree Service Waukesha Trusts Since 2005

Our goal in putting up a tree service business is to provide residents of Waukesha with tree care service that is both high quality and cost-effective. We want to show our clients that tree service is not only about caring for trees but also caring for customer relationship.  The only way for us to reach this 

    goal is to hire the most qualified and certified tree experts in the business. We run a background check and drug test before they are engaged to give you peace of mind. They also have to sign an agreement to ensure that they provide the best service and act professionally among our clients. We have been providing quality service for decades, and we aim to add to these years as long as there are trees that need to be taken care of. We have given our service in almost every part of Waukesha, and we will keep doing so until there is no more home or business owner in need of tree service. 

    We understand that for us to provide the best tree service, we have to invest in the best equipment to do the job. Our equipment ensures we can finish every task efficiently and safely. We are helped by our Stihl chainsaws and Vermeer and Morbark stump grinders and chippers in all our tree care services. To show our professionalism, we keep this equipment clean and well-maintained. We ensure that all of our tools are in tip-top condition to provide the service that our clients deserve. We use our heavy equipment including dump trucks, lifts, and tree saws for large-scale projects. But there are situations that we cannot use our heavy equipment because of limited space. In this situation, we can complete the task using only safety climbing harness to trim or remove a tree. If you are looking for a tree company in Waukesha that can provide you with all tree services using only a climbing harness and tree saw, we are that company.

    Our clients have options when it comes to tree service. However, we want to raise awareness about tree companies doing door-to-door seeking clients. You should be careful in hiring these companies because most of them are con artists who only care about your money. They are not licensed nor insured which puts their clients at risk of unnecessary financial and legal liability. You should avoid putting yourself under this risk when you can prevent it by giving your trust to a tree company that has been tested through time and proven to have delivered excellent results. These fly-by-night companies don’t afford their employees with worker’s compensation and don’t have insurance coverage. Without these essential details, you are at risk of being responsible for any damage if an accident happens while they work in your area. Be wise and always use service of only the most reputable tree service in town.

    Tree Removal

    Tree removal is necessary if your tree is under any of these circumstances: it is damaged by a storm, diseased, overgrown near an establishment, or over shading other trees or properties. Winds can be a severe issue when it comes to the welfare of your tree. After the storm has damaged your tree, it becomes unsightly as well as dangerous. If your tree is touching any part of your home due to overgrowth, your homeowner’s coverage may not honor any damage claims. As much as possible, we want to keep your trees in your yard. However, if they are already causing a hazard, there is no better choice but to eliminate them. Whatever the reason for tree removal, we can offer it to you. 

    Some people may think that tree removal is just about using climbing a tree and using a chainsaw to cut branches and limbs. What they don’t know is that tree removal is a challenging task that requires planning, experience, and expertise. It is especially difficult to remove a tree that is located in a hard to access area. As soon as you call us, we will begin our tree removal process by visiting you in your property. We will provide you with a free estimate and will talk to you about any additional service you want such as stacking or hauling wood away. Once we have made all the details clear, we can provide you with a written quote sent to your email. We will include our licensing and insurance information together with the written estimate. We will follow-up to confirm receipt of the written estimate then we can set a date for when we will do the tree removal project. Our tree removal package includes complete removal of the tree until it is 1-3 feet tall which is the ideal for stump grinding. We can either remove or stack wood and get rid of twigs or branches and other trees debris with our chippers. Our ground crew will be responsible for sweeping and raking the surrounding site of the eliminated tree. We will leave your property in 100% good condition.  Call the tree removal Waukesha property owners trust with affordable tree care.  

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    Tree Trimming and Pruning

    If you try to look around, almost 70 percent of trees in the yard could use professional tree trimming. There is no better way to improve a tree’s look than trimming the dying, dead, and diseased branches. By trimming these parts of the tree, you will give it a better shape and form. Trimming will significantly improve the appeal of your trees. Unfortunately, not all homeowners know about this fact that is why they disregard the idea of their tree being trimmed. Our qualified crews are well-adept to the art and science of tree trimming, and we can handle this task for you to ensure that your tree looks its best. When trimming trees, our goal is to maintain the health and appearance of your tree. 

    If more homeowners would realize the value of tree trimming, then more trees will look aesthetically pleasing as well as healthy. We have three objectives when trimming your trees:

    • Eliminate dying, dead, and hazardous limbs and branches.
    • Restore your tree’s symmetry, especially in areas with massive limbs and branches and bringing back your tree’s natural form. 
    • Assess the tree’s overall health through trimming.

    Our process with trimming and removal is virtually the same. One of our representatives will come to your house or office to inspect the tree to be trimmed and provide you with a free estimate. Once everything is discussed, we will set a schedule when we will trim your tree. It will be followed by a written estimate together with our licensing and insurance coverage information. Only one of our staff will climb and trim the tree. All our other staff members will be on the ground cutting the branches into 3-foot portions and eliminate smaller branches using our chippers. When we are done, your tree will be restored to its natural form, and your yard will be cleared of any debris.

    Stump Grinding and Removal

    It is natural that you will be left with a stump after a tree removal project. Tree stumps should be eliminated for some reasons, but they all boil down to two essential purposes: aesthetics and safety. Still intact stumps can cause injury when someone trips over it. Also, it can house multitudes of dangerous pests and insects such as wasps, ants, and beetles. These stumps can also cause damage to your lawn mower if you accidentally hit it while doing your routine maintenance. You don’t need to worry about these unwanted stumps anymore because we can provide you with stump grinding and removal service. We have premier equipment from Vermeer and Morbark to handle tree stumps of any size and age.

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    Emergency Storm Damage to Your Trees

    We know how damaging storms can be to your trees. That is why we make ourselves available 24/7 for all your emergency tree service needs. We will arrive immediately after you contact us for assistance. Don’t attempt to clear the damage on your own because it can be dangerous, especially if it involves power lines. Situations like these can be hazardous for amateurs, so let the experts handle it for you. We will help you go back to your regular schedule with our emergency storm damage service. We can help make your property safe and clean again.

    Other Services

    We offer tree services beyond the standard tree removal, trimming and stump grinding. We are a full-service company that can provide expert arboriculture service. Our certified arborists can cater to all your tree needs. Below is a list of other services we offer:

    Picture of a large tree being cut dow in sections in Waukesha, WI
    • Wood Chipping
    • Brush Removal
    • Hedge and Shrub Pruning
    • Pest and Disease Control
    • Cabling and Bracing
    • Tree Planting
    • Residential Tree Service
    • Commercial Service
    • Tree Fertilizing 
    • Tree Pruning and Shaping
    • Tree Mulching
    • Tree Spraying
    • Arboriculture Consulting

    Lot Clearing and Firewood

    Not all tree service companies can provide lot clearing service. We are proud to tell you that we are one of the few that can offer you affordable and efficient lot clearing services in Waukesha. Whether it is your backyard that you want us to clear or a large commercial area such as development or construction site, we can expertly provide you with it. As soon as you call us, we will begin planning and clearing your land to prepare it for other projects you may have for it. To ensure safe and efficient results, we will employ our heavy equipment and skilled men to finish the task. When we are done, you will be surprised to see your land cleared of any unnecessary debris.

    We typically make the wood we get from all our tree services as firewood. We provide this to our clients throughout the year. They have a choice to pick them up, or we can deliver it to their doorsteps. We can also pile the wood as part of our delivery service, for an added charge.

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